Water Smart Contractors

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) sponsors the Water Smart Contractors program. SNWA conservation experts conduct water-efficiency training for local landscape contractors.

These contractors learn and promote water-saving irrigation and landscape design for homes and businesses.

Companies participating in the Water Smart Contractors program ensure their staff members are trained in water-efficiency practices through free, SNWA-sponsored workshops. In turn, SNWA features these companies in its Find a Landscaper section, which local residential and commercial property owners use to find licensed contractors.

Contractors in the Program Must:

  • Complete at least 8 hours of SNWA water-efficiency training
  • Maintain good standing with the Nevada State Contractors Board
  • Be licensed and insured

Note: Participating contractors are recognized solely on the basis of successfully completing the Water Smart training courses. SNWA does not specifically endorse any contractor. Inclusion in this program is not an endorsement of the performance of any contractor. Consumers should use care and discretion when selecting a contractor.